Introduction Of Orthopedic Hospital of Shenyang City

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The Orthopedic Hospital of Shenyang City is northeastern China’s only sizeable, modern public orthopedic hospital.? Since its inception in 1946, OHSC has evolved through generations of technological advancement, becoming one of the nation’s most progressive facilities.? The beautiful, healthy environment sets the stage for the facility’s dedicated service, cutting-edge equipment and capable technical force to provide the best medical treatment and rehabilitation.? OHSC’s? open academic culture as well as its commitment to research and preventive health care keep the facility at the forefront of modern orthopedic medical movement in northeastern China.

The facility covers more than 30,000 square meters with 60,000 square meters of building space.? 1,200 employees, including 1,056 professional technical personnel and 1,000 patient beds enable the hospital to receive 20 thousand patients, nearly 350,000 outpatients and emergency visits, as well as over 10,000 surgical stays per year.? 318 senior doctors, 26 post-doctorates and doctoral students, and 160 postgraduates keep OHSC pushing? its progressive future forward.?

23 Specialized Clinical Departments and Seven Medical Departments in OHSC Include:


Trauma Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics

Hand and Foot Microsurgery

Spinal Surgery

Sports Medicine

Orthopedic Institute

Comprehensive surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery

Pelvic Acetabular Surgery

Bone Oncology

Minimally Invasive Orthopedic

Foot and Ankle Surgery

TCM Orthopedics

Soft Traumatology

Cadre Department


Infectious department

Rehabilitation Department

Phyiscal Therapy Centers

Examples of OHSC’s Commonly Used Equipment

MRI (magnetic resonance)

16-slice spiral CT, DR, CR, C-arm X-ray machine

Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Color Ultrasound



Bone Density Analyzer

Computer navigation systems

Arthroscopic knee and intervertebral foramen mirror


bet36最新地址 Since its establishment,? OHSC has modeled its treatment strategies around Integrative Medicine concepts.? By combining modern medical treatments and technology with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), OHSC orthopedic patients have enjoyed excellent treatment results. In house research has produced innovative breakthroughs such as the famous Sun’s treatment for bone fracture, which is created by Sun Yat-sen with more than 70 years history. OHSC’s proficiency is best demonstrated through its pioneering treatment results such as the Northeastern region’s first facility to successfully perform an artificial femur replacement, artificial intervertebral disk replacement,? artificial finger joint replacement, finger-shaped full-reconstruction surgery, replantation technology for more than 8 hours in vitro limb, the first pedicle implantation technique,? the use of the cervical lateral mass plate in Shenyang area, unicondylar arthroplasty technique,? personalized 3D printing osteotomy mould assisted knee arthroplasty and percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy.

In recent years, advancing computer-aided technology has improved the success of joint and spinal surgery with the short list of Treatments Improved by New Technology below,Joint replacement and revision surgery, scoliosis surgery,replantation of severed limb and reconstructive surgery, the arthroscopic technique and percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy technology, orthopaedic minimally invasive techniques.

OHSC leads the Northeast and Inner Mongolia regions in the number of difficult surgeries performed.? The prestigious hospital in Shenyang is China’s recognized leading arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstructive knee surgery facility.Patients from all over the world including United States, Russia, Australia , Iran and others have made OHSC their center of primary orthopedic care.

Considering leading think tank in its field, OHSC has established following Institutions for research:

Institute of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Orthopedic Institute for Liaoning Province and Shenyang City

Postdoctoral innovation practice base

Drug clinical trial center

Famous senior doctor of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance studio

National Research Departments

Provincial Research Departments

Research Departments? for Chinese Academic Committee bureau

The Chairman’s orthopedic hospital unit

Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine orthopedic traumatology treatment center in Liaoning province

The Shenyang Medical Branch Presidential orthopedic unit


In recent years, OHSC has collaborated with the province’s Science and Technology Department dozens of times, winning the provincial Science and Technology Research award.? The research department publishes dozens of influential papers per year, examples of which include, “Integrative Orthopedics Therapy", "Practical Clinical Orthopedics," and, "Chinese Medical Colleges and Graduate Teaching," for the orthopedic surgery research component.

OHSC frequently hosts national and international conferences such as the National and Northeastern Region Orthopedic Academic Conference, which draws elite attendees from institutions in the United States, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Russian and Korea to develop new institutions such as the first, "China-US Joint Disease Treatment Center," the, “New Orthopedic Treatment Center", the "National Arthroscopic Training Base," etc. OHSC is partnered with the French National University of Chinese traditional Medicine and the south Korean modern hospital, Korea Tan Yuan hospital, south Korea busan CENTUM hospital are friendly cooperation.

The Orthopaedic Hospital of Shenyang is a patient oriented center of for the field’s advancing treatment and knowledge.?
For its excellency, the facility has earned many titles:

"Best Service Unit"

" the Integrity Hospital in Liaoning Province "

"CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee Provincial Civilized Unit "

"Satisfaction of The People Trust Hospitals"

"Advanced Health System of Collective Relief Work"

"The First Top Ten Economic Liaoning Card"

"Liaoning Province Excellent Public Welfare Units "

"The best orthopedic hospital in Asia "

"Annual people satisfied window of Shenyang "

"China’s health care reform innovation demonstration prize"

"The second place of influence ranking of top three public hospital in Liaoning province "


After over half a century setting precedence, the Orthopaedic Hospital of Shenyang City will continue to stay true to its values and medical philosophy to service patients with the latest medical science, contribute through Social Responsibility and maintain sustainable development. OHSC has structured its Three-Step Center Strategy as:

Treatment center in Northeast China

Orthopedic treatment center nationwide

Orthopedic treatment center in Asia.